Commissioning A Painting

Commissioning a Painting can be a bit daunting, especially if you have never done so before. The following advice will help you if you are thinking of commissioning artwork. Tip on what to ask the artist, Tips on what details you will need to provide the artist with and more. Commissioning Artwork should be a very enjoyable experience.

How Was That Fine Art Painting Created, Anyway?

Famous artists use various types of media to create beautiful fine art paintings and prints to express their feelings, ideas and creative images in their artwork. Regardless of which is used by the artist, most people will select a work of art for their home or office based on the beauty and appeal of the fine art. However, the use of each medium has a different effect on the finished product. This article is an introduction to the most common media used by artists. In the next several weeks an article will be written to address each of the media mentioned in this article with details on how it is used and its pros and cons for the artist.

Was Cave Painting the First Multi-Media?

They say that multi-media is the future, that the written word in novels and straight printed books will soon be a thing of the past. As the coordinator for a think tank that operates online, I have studied this greatly and do concur with those predictions. Still, if the future belongs to multi-media, what of the past, what media does it belong too; scrolls, books, printing presses, newspapers, or cave paintings?

One Artist’s Answer to Whether Painters With Rheumatoid Arthritis Should Give Up on Making Their Art

This artist says, ‘No Way.’ Let me tell you why I know this to be true. As painters, we all know about Renoir’s struggle to keep working with crippled hands. But that’s ancient history, isn’t it? We know of heroic figures like Christopher Reeve, who had more to contend with than any of us with mere arthritis will ever know. We know of people who survived horrendous injuries in war or car crashes, who battled cancer and other dreadful diseases. But none of those folk were trying to be painters, so how can their stories help you? For what it’s worth, here’s my story…

What Place Does the Realist Painter Have in the Digital Age?

The world’s first photograph was produced in 1822, by Joseph NicΓ©phore NiΓ©pce. With Louis Daguerre, he helped develop the process that led to modern photography. The camera, so easily reproducing the world people saw, raised the question: ‘what place does the painter have in the modern world?’ Following this, French Impressionist painters began the many experiments now labelled ‘Modern Art.’ The focus of attention shifted from Paris to New York and in from the 1940s, American painters built on earlier European styles to develop Abstract Expressionism. In truth…

How Art Can Improve Your Well Being

This article outlines key benefits of an arts education on your well being. Art can help you in ways that you may not thought possible.

Accent Lighting (Are You Accentuating or Destroying Your Art?)

What do LED lights have to do with the world of art, apart from being highly aesthetic, themselves? For that answer, we take a closer look at one of the pre-eminent symbols of timeless artistic excellence. It is hard to imagine that any price could be put on some of the most renowned pieces of art. Indeed, some of them have are, literally, priceless.

Michelangelo Wrote a Sonnet on the Argument for Meaningful Painting Over the Merely Decorative

Even Michaelangelo, Shakespeare, Mozart, Einstein will one day be names unknown to any but historians. The ‘stars’ of the Modern era in painting, writing, music or physics, along with the innovations they introduce, have their day and then fade from the scene. Some Modern Art movements have lasted no longer than a few months. As the demand for novelty increases, the interval between famous and forgotten grows ever shorter. Popular taste changes with every new generation and the popular media feeds that hunger for what is ‘new.’ Yet, some things remain, unchanged through the centuries. One is the human need for Meaning.

The Surprising Secret About How to Find Your Unique Painting Style

How to find the word best suited to the artwork you create is a secret hiding right out in the open. It is something so obvious, so familiar to all of us, that we simply overlook it. During my long career as both artist and gallery director, I saw so much confusion and anxiety over this question of ‘style’ among emerging artists that I’m going to share the answers I’ve found to be true…

Fine Art in South America

Like so many art forms in South America, fine art is filled with passion and political verve. The continent has a long and turbulent political history, full of revolution, vibrance and difficulty. As a result of this, the artworks that come out of it often display a similar dynamism.

Art and Culture in Asia

Asia, the most populous and biggest continent in the world, has incredibly beautiful art and a diverse culture that is rich in history and tradition. Arts and culture from Asia include inspiring architecture, eastern philosophy, martial arts and religious beliefs and practices.

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