OIL PAINTING TIPS || The Mind of an Artist #11

Basic Principles of Practical Renovation

Complexity is in the heart of renovating the home, and renovating the home may require a huge amount of effort in it. The planning process of the new design or outcome can be a troublesome job for the most part, especially when plans begin to fail. Ineffective planning does not play out very well in renovation, and effective plans lie on very basic principles that can be upheld without compromising the comfort and desirability of a home.

4 Lessons for Buying Fine Art on a Budget

Art collecting can often seem like the pastime of just the very rich, but with the right knowledge and a keen eye, you can start a contemporary art collection that enhances your home or portfolio on even the most modest of budgets. Art appreciation is totally subjective. With no hard and fast rules, an important first step on your journey should be to find out exactly what style you respond to.

Stencils Made Simple

Becoming a true stencil artist in the same caliber as John Fekner, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Blek le Rat, Jef Aerosol or Banksy requires talent, hard work and imagination. For these artists, proper prior preparation leads to a finished product that will amuse or provoke all who pass it.

Dragons in Historical Art

A dragon is a manmade mythological creature that takes the shape of many reptiles. With the body of a snake being one feature, and the hands and feet of a lizard being another, the dragon is formed. Many ancient artworks have recorded its existence with some even depicting its form, yet a great number of people have attempted at the discoveries of dragons in the past and many have pondered upon the authenticity of the existence of this creature.

Eye-Catching Landscape Art Paintings

The term “landscape” actually derives from the Dutch word “landschap,” which actually means land, scenery, scene, tract of land, etc. The origin of landscape art dates back to Greeks and Romans who paints scenery on their walls. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the tradition of scenic landscapes fell into decline and remained so until the 16th century.

Useful Tips on Finding the Right Art Supplies

Any artist is aware that he needs more than just an inspiration or a good subject to create his art. With the right art supplies and tools he can bring to existence what he envisions artistically.

Analysis of Sir Joshua Reynolds First Discourse to the Royal Academy of Art

Sir Joshua Reynolds, delivered fifteen Discourses to the Royal Academy of Art beginning in 1769. The first Discourse introduces progressive advice on the subject of Art.

Christian Art – A Perfect Way For Adoring Christianity

The power of beautiful art is to reflect and depict deep thoughts, messages, feelings etc. Religious or Christian scared art is the best way to illustrate the principles of Christianity in a tangible form. It involves the rite, practices, comprehension and effective foundational principals and aspects of the religion within the artistic religious custom.

Interpreting Dali’s Clocks for Post-Formal Aesthetics

Nathan wrote previously on the subject of art in the article called Past Artworks As Figments of an Emerging Avant-Garde. He has also written on topics ranging from psychology and media to philosophy and music. In this article he disassembles the assumption of originality for the ‘qua aesthetic’ called surrealism, based on his singular point of view as a progenitor of the dimensional art movement.

Past Artworks As Figments of an Emerging Avant-Garde

Artwork, if anything, has grown more conceptual with the incidence of digital media. Although Picasso is still considered the godfather of modern art, if not art in general—some cite that Picasso permanently re-defined the field of art and art criticism—it remains the case that art consists of fundamental categories, categories that expand in multiple directions.

Music and Art Appreciation: The Portrait’s Secret

Portraiture, by definition, combines a limited pallet of visual elements in understated ways to subtly describe a subject. When these elements are exaggerated, portraiture becomes caricature. The portrait presentation is particularly well-suited for enhancement with a musical element. Music may highlight subtle visual elements in ways which promote deeper appreciation of the painting.

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