OIL PAINTING TIPS || The Mind of an Artist #12

Japanese Art and Inspiration to Artists Around the World

While painting is the preferred type of art in Japan, Japanese art in fact covers a wide range of art styles and media, some of which include ink painting, ukiyo-e woodblock prints, wood- or bronze sculpture, pottery as well as calligraphy on silk and paper among others. Woodblock printing is a technique known for its use in the ukiyo-e artistic genre. It had already been used in China for centuries and only adopted in Japan later.

Evolution of Christian Art

Christian art is a sacred art that is produced with the intention of supplementing, illustrating and portraying Christianity principles in a tangible form. This art is also referred to as ecclesiastical art. While some Christian groups have had a strong opposition to some religious image forms, Most Christian groups have used this art to a great extent.

Different Types Of Image Processing Is Good For Your Skill Upgrade

Are you an artist who wishes to expand your skills? If you have been doing some painting work, then you need to upgrade. There are now so many visual art channels that you can choose.

Using Decorative Posters To Liven Up Dreary Walls

People who dream of decorating their own home or office interiors are sometimes deterred by the high cost of an interior decorator’s fee. So, going the DIY route seems like the only option available in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

Abstract Art Is a Sensory Experience Which Reveals the Emotions Within the Artist

Many people refer to modern art as abstract art, with cubism being the first abstract expressionism art style. The other two forms are abstract expressionism and neoplasticism, a 20th century modern art movement that avoided realism. Known also as non-objective art, abstract is often misunderstood in the art world. This is because the picture or sculpture often isn’t a picture of someone or something in the natural world but rather color, shapes, brushstrokes and forms which stimulate thoughts and emotions.It was abstract expressionist artist Mark Rothko, who encouraged viewers to stand up close to his paintings so that they could become spiritually immersed or baptized in the experience of color.

African Art Has Had a Significant Influence on Western Artists

African art by the people living south of the Sahara includes masks, jewelry, paintings, weapons, textiles and sculptures made from wood, ivory, beads, clay, feathers and shells. There has always been an abundance of amazingly talented artists throughout Africa who have shown the world the fascinating artworks. Their extraordinary paintings always manage to capture wildlife and life in African villages accurately and with bold, vibrant colors.

Symbols Were a Part of Aboriginal Art to Communicate the Story of the Lives

Art is an important part of Aboriginal life, being connected to the land and religious beliefs, and painting on bark is their oldest type of art. The Aborigines have been producing visual art for thousands of years, like ancient engravings and rock art, bark paintings, wooden sculptures, and more recently contemporary paintings. The creation of artworks by Aboriginal artists is nearly always connected to Dreaming stories; stories about the land, the stars and the environment.

Colleen Tucker – Abstracting Nature

The intense color palette and expressive gestures of Colleen Tucker’s abstract paintings enticed me immediately when I first saw them hanging in the Creative Framing Art Gallery this month. For Tucker, art is first and foremost about process; painting is simply about the act of painting. She will be the first to admit that cerebral philosophies do not direct her. Instead, Tucker focuses her energy on technique and medium. Her approach is formalistic – driven by color, stroke, pattern, rhythm, and structure.

Weather Changes Offer Great Opportunities for Artists

Have you ever thought about how changes in weather offers remarkable painting and drawing opportunities for artists? It really makes the prospect of going out into the countryside to see changes in the world outside the art studio exciting.

Embrace The World Of Art

There are plenty of people who would never even consider making the effort to visit an art gallery. I know that this is the case because I’ve heard plenty of people express this opinion over the years. I think that it’s a very sad state of affairs.

Why People Love Art Canvas Prints

More and more people these days are buying art canvas prints or at least having one made as a way to decorate their homes or personalize their space. While it is slowly becoming a common thing, there are still those who aren’t familiar with the concept. Read on to understand more about canvas prints and why they are becoming an interior decorating staple.

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