OIL PAINTING TIPS || The Mind of an Artist #13

Portrait Painting And The Joy Of Creating

Painting can be a beneficial and rewarding experience and the ability to paint a portrait is not so hard to achieve, even for a beginner, with a few simple tips. These are just a few techniques and tips for the beginner and hopefully will inspire you to begin to create your own masterpiece.

Exploring The Modern Art Community

The modern art community has a lot to boast about and getting to that level has been taking place over a span of many years. From photography to sculpting and painting, the variety of art forms and their perspective artists make up a unique and interesting community. Learning more about the structure built into society by art lovers can be an educational adventure.

Simply Symbolic Surrogates: Dustin Edward Parr’s Surrealist Art

Dustin E. Parr of Fort Wayne, Indiana creates Surrealist and Conceptual Art with oil on canvas. Dustin’s surrealist art work consists of mirrored metaphors and allusions. He knew he was meant to be a painter the moment he stretched a canvas for the first time. In this interview he is sharing his art and what it is about to him.

Illustration: How to Use Photoshop for Children’s Book Illustration to Save Time

Today we will go over how and why to use Photoshop to create your illustrations. First we will go over how I found to save money on paper. Second we will plan our compositions on multiple pages. Then we will look at important factors in scanning your images. Fourth we will learn how to merge theses images to make our final illustration. Then lastly we will learn how to save our illustration ready for print.

Artist Groups and In-House Art Model Training

One thing I’ve always noticed when it comes to local artist group is that they always do lots of art training for new artists. That is especially true when it comes to painting and sketching in the life art segment. Still, when it comes to life art there are two components working together to make everything come out right. There are of course the artists in the group, and the art life model. It’s important to train the artists, but sometimes you have to train the models as well. Let me explain why.

The Future of Holographic Art Modeling – Are The Life Art Models Days Numbered?

Not long ago, I met with a group of artists over coffee. They are setting up a local artists club in our area to encourage tourism, artistry, and to unite the entire community. It’s a noble and worthy cause, I’m certain of it. Of course, it’s not easy being an artist these days. In fact, one of the artists in the new group told me an interesting story. It had to do with a model in a life art sitting.

Gauguin – The Moon and Six Pence

The third full length novel of British writer Maugham “The Moon and Six Pence” was the reflection of the story of painter Paul Gauguin. The moon and six pence are like the contrast of noble and humble. Moon, is the extreme lofty spirit of pursuing art.

The Missing Painting

Well, let’s face it good art sells and great art often gets stolen. Hello my faithful reader, today I’d like to tell you a story, it is actually true story told to me by a local artist, and a very good one at that. It turns out that this particular artist had quit painting pictures some 30 years ago, and when her kids were grown she took up her hobby again. Since she has restarted she has quite a large number of very excellent paintings, but there is one painting she wishes she still had.

Analysis of Sir Joshua Reynolds Second Discourse to The Royal Academy Regarding Theory and Practice

The First President of The Royal Academy discusses the methods by which an Artist can equal and surpass the abilities of the Old Masters. Reynolds definition of this method is encapsulated by his statement that ‘every object that presents itself, is to him a lesson. He regards all Nature with a view to his profession.’ Read my analysis for a comprehensive insight into these important teachings.

Mollie Freeman – Faithful to the Form

Mollie Freeman is an artist who adores dance. While many artists represent ballerinas in their work, Freeman’s paintings stand apart precisely for the close attention she pays to the motions of her figures and how their weight-shifts embody musical rhythms.

My Biggest Art Breakthrough Moment

Are you frustrated with your painting progress? Looking for a breakthrough moment in your paintings? This is my first real breakthrough in painting.

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