Painting Johnny Depp on my Apartment WALL

How to Paint Snow With Watercolor

Painting winter scenes with watercolor can be an enjoyable experience once you know how. The light shining on pure snow and the shadows, both form and cast shadows, give the painting a sense of depth and clarity. Β There are several ways to achieve a beautiful, snowy landscape.

Contemporary Indian Art

A genuine avant-garde movement in visual art is no longer possible today in the true sense of the term. It happened last time with POP and not any more afterwards.

Add a Little Whimsy to Your Life

Whimsical art is a playful combination of colors and images that utilize a carefree style to express a variety of emotions from fairy tale delight to nightmarishly disturbing. Themes are often unsettling, surreal and humorous. They frequently combine anthropomorphic (partially human) beings or more traditional creatures in imaginative and unique ways.

How to Get Better With Watercolors – 5 Tips

All watercolor artists would like to improve their paintings. Here are five tips to help you to do so…

Watercolor Painting – How to Use Masking Fluid

When painting a watercolor, it is important to plan your white spaces ahead of time. These areas will be left white; the white of the watercolor paper. Unlike oil painting, where the whites are added at the end, watercolor requires the artist to plan ahead and “save” them from the start.

The Hudson River School of Painters

Forces and Philosophies behind the Movement: At the dawn of the 19th century, everything in America was new. Towns were new.

Painting With Acrylics – The Basics

You’ve been to the art shop and you have bought your set of acrylic paint and you are ready to paint. Before you start lets go over the main differences between acrylics and watercolors. There are also a few tips on usage as well!

How to Paint An Unfinished Wooden Bangle

Unfinished wooden bangles are the perfect jewelry craft project for experienced or new crafters. The design and creativity possibilities are endless. You can use one color or a multitude of colors to truly embellish and accent the wooden bangle. People also paint polka-dots, hieroglyphics, trees or even flower designs on their wood bangles. And, after the paint dries the bangle can be covered with glitter, stickers, fabric, or even cloth flowers.

What Is A Listed Artist?

Many auction houses, galleries or antique shops refer to an artist as being “listed”. This article explains what this means and why it is important.

How to Paint Like an Artist – Using Very Unconventional Tools

How many times have you seen paintings at an art gallery, exhibition or someone’s home and you’ve stood there admiring the painting and thinking “I can do that” – especially if it is an abstract painting? Well, I must say that thought has run through my mind as well, but I’ve found that it’s not as easy as you might think. If you wish to sell your paintings, your work must be professionally and creatively thought through.

Digital Painting Vs Traditional Painting

Although digital painting has always been a fascinating subject to me, and I think it’s amazing how a technique is executed in minutes when it normally takes days to get the same effect by hand, I can’t help but think it takes away the integrity of a real painting done by a truly skilled artist. With “digital” painting there is no real artistic talent used in applying the techniques that are mimicked by digital painting programs.

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