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Unusual Techniques to Try With Paint

There are many redecorating techniques that will add flair and style to your walls. Don’t let your next paint job be boring; try these tips today.

Blank Canvas Blues: How Do You Begin a Painting?

You just finished setting up an interesting still-life. You placed a couple of apples, a vase of flowers, and some grapes on a lovely piece of fabric, carefully making some folds here and there. You’ve arranged your still-life in front of a very dark background. Since you positioned a light source coming in from one direction, there’s an interesting pattern of darks and lights. Your palette is loaded with colors and all of your supplies are at hand. You’ve chosen just the right size canvas for your painting and it’s properly prepared and placed on your easel. Now, you sit down to paint—and you draw a blank. Now what?

How To Buy Paintings Online For Your Home

Your home is your sacred space, and it is necessary to decorate it well. This is necessary so that you look around your home and like what you see; it gives you that sense of being at peace in your own home.

Adding Contemporary Art Paintings To Your Office Decor!

Every room you walk into should have a personality and an outstanding quality based on what the room contains. This means everything from design, shape, and color, placement of furniture such as tables, chairs, flower arrangements or contemporary art paintings.

The Art of Varnishing Your Paintings

How you protect your paintings is just as important as how you prepare your painting surface and what you mix with your paint while applying them. This article describes how the correct varnish and its application can make your painting last indefinitely while looking its best.

Legendary Genres Of Painting In India

If you are willing to know about the rich history of Indian painting, this write-up will do you a world of good. Without any basic idea about the broader classifications of Indian art, you will find it very difficult to understand the philosophy behind the different styles of painting.

Why Our Culture Does Not Deal With Art

Reasons why art is not relevant. Why is it hard to deal with fine art in our culture. How our culture downplays art in society.

Interested In Contemporary Art? Look No Further

Contemporary Art and Old Masters are two very different things in the world of art. Learn the difference and why we place so much importance on Old Masters in my latest article..

Cape Town Art Fair

The Cape Town Art Fair showcases some of the most stunning paintings in the world. Read all about it from an expert.

The Wide Application of Zentangle Art Patterns

They say “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”, and I could not agree more. It is has the power to help you find yourself and lose yourself at the same time. Such a very simple, yet intriguing and fun method is the one that involves Zentangle art patterns.

Contemporary Paintings And Common Man’s Love For It

From oldest of times, art has been a means to express oneself in a visual mode. With change and progress of time, the mode of this visual expression has changed, leading to the evolution of contemporary art paintings.

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