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Ancient Egyptian Artistic Paintings: The Foundation of Modern Painting

The ancient Egyptian artistic paintings encapsulate the embodiment of modern painting, though the latter is refined due to the advancement of human knowledge, technology, and discovery. However, the root for the success of modern painting is credited with the humble beginnings of the profession by the ancient Egyptian masters in painting. From the generation and production of the media for production through to the selection of appropriate subjects for paintings, techniques through to its essential roles it plays in the society acts as a stepping stone for the marvelous development in the field of painting today.

Why Artists Must Pay Close Attention To The Harmony In Their Colour Selection

This is the organisation and arrangement of various colours in an orderly or pleasant manner so that they portray unity and oneness. Colours used for a composition must ‘agree’ or meet the principles of aesthetics. The artist must carefully and skilfully choose his colour scheme or colour combinations. This is because a wrong pairing of colours can disturb the design and general outlook of a composition. It can disrupt the aesthetic appeal of even a perfect creation and distract viewers.

Symbolism of Colours: Latent But Strong Media for Dialogue Among People and Cultures

Understanding the philosophical meanings of colours beyond their physical qualities and attributes can contribute to the understanding and friendship among various ethnic and cultural affiliations. Artists and designers who implement colours in their creations must endeavour to consider their symbolic implications when making choices for the creation of products.

Screen Printing: Types, Development of Screen and the Printing Procedure

Developing printing screens manually or mechanically is the choice of the artist based on the resources at his disposal and the time s/he has to deliver. Each of the screen development processes and its printing procedure requires great patience and determination so as to produce accurate duplication of designs.

Still Life: The Breakthrough for Learners of Drawing

All amateur art students who would want to perfect their skill in drawing must have a strong foundation in still life drawings which would eventually spice them up for the more difficult forms of drawing such as abstract and imaginative drawings. A perfect coordination of hand, mind and the six senses leads to excellent outcomes in still life renderings.

Breathing Life Into Still Lifes

While styles may change with each era, the simplicity of the still life genre has helped it survive through the centuries. Here are some ways for contemporary still life artists to breathe the most of their life into their still life…

How Important Is The Role Of A Children’s Book Illustrator?

Since illustrations are so important in a children’s book, neither the publisher nor the author is willing to compromise when it comes to the book illustrator. Images that are conceptualised well help the children to comprehend the written text and relate to the characters in the story. It has rightly been said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

The Restorative Power of Adult Coloring: How Coloring Can Relieve Stress

As you take a step down memory lane, specifically recalling your favorite childhood pastimes, I’m sure you, like myself, can remember the pure and simple emotions you felt while occupying yourself and your time with those activities. Enjoyment. Laughter.

Classic Tips for Drawing Inspiration

It does not matter what kind of artist you are, from a painter to a writer, inspiration can be found anywhere. Some find it in nature; some find it deep in the cities; one thing that remains the same, though, is that artists are more productive when they know how to find and use inspiration around them.

Choosing Artwork for Your Home – How to Interpret a Painting

Think twice before you put a mediocre abstract painting on your wall – strangely enough, it’s as mainstream as the rage of the general public against contemporary art. Artwork in your home or office tells a lot about your personality. Having a reputation of a person of great taste in art, a connoisseur, adds 100 points to your image. Just imagine how high you can score if you give a painting as a birthday gift to your girlfriend, invite your partner to a gallery reception, or post a new painting you just bought on your Facebook page. In the world where everyone has access to everything, the only way to be different is to develop your own taste in art. So, let’s learn what to look for when you are staring at the painting and making your face look smart.

Investigating Art Heists

The tools for investigating art theft are basically the same as what we use for any other investigation: surveillance, photos, interviews, and public records. Private Investigators have no police power to detain suspects for questioning, enter buildings or private property to conduct searches, or use a technique known as pretexting, where an investigator might put on a lab coat and pretend to be a medical professional in order to access information.

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