Rembrandt | Ten Facts in Two Minutes

Custom Frames Personalize and Enhance Your Artwork

Custom frames can be a variety of different styles. To give your artwork a personalized flair, select something unique when putting on the finishing touches.

The Secret to Success in Painting People – Revealed in a Dream

I had a dream a few nights ago. This dream contained the secret to my success as a painter of portraits. Because the secret can be applied by any artist who wants to paint people, I’d like to share with you what I learnt from my dream…

Oil Painting for Beginners – What Do You Need to Know to Get Started?

Oil painting can be quite daunting for beginners. This is because it’s quite a hard type of paint to master – acrylic paint is the one that is recommended for beginners because it’s a lot easier to use. However, learning about oil paint’s characteristics and properties is easy enough. Just put in a bit of time and practice and you’ll soon be rewarded with your own beautiful oil painting! Here’s what you need to know to get started with oil painting.

Painting Techniques – 3 Things To Know About Sfumato

Sfumato is a painting technique that was developed during the Renaissance. It is one of the four main painting techniques to have developed during this time. The word ‘sfumato’ is derived from the Italian ‘sfumare’, meaning ‘to evaporate like smoke’ or ‘to tone down’. This painting technique is all about blending tones into one another and doing away with harsh outlines, creating a sort of hazy effect.

Painting Techniques – 5 Things To Know About Sgraffito

Sgraffito is a painting technique where two layers of paint are put down and the artist scratches the top layer to reveal the layer beneath it. This technique is not just limited to painting: it’s been used in wall decor and pottery; it has been used on walls in Europe since classical times and is still a popular technique today.

This Is the Most Enduring Inspiration to Keep You Painting

Wherever your Homeland, your country’s National Day kindles patriotic emotions. Artists in every place and era express these feelings in painting, music and poetry…

7 Plein Air Painting Essentials

Plein air painting simply refers to painting outdoors. Artists have been painting outdoors for many centuries, but plein air painting only started becoming popular in the 18th century with the invention of portable paints and other art supplies. Painting outdoors lets you immerse yourself in your subject matter – that’s one of the reasons it’s still really popular. As well as your typical painting supplies, here are 7 plein air painting essentials.

Improvisational Airbrush Painting For the Curious

If you feel like you want something fun to do, why not try a cool new hobby! One of the most interesting new trends is improvisational airbrush painting. Not only is this type of acrylic painting easy for beginners, it’s also loads of fun. Right off the bat you can create amazing cosmic pictures to show off to your friends and family. If you are not sure where to begin, or what cosmic art is, read on for some tips to get started the right way.

What Will Keep You Going Throughout a Long Painting Career?

At the beginning of your career in Art, you aren’t likely to be thinking about its end. All you want is to get as good at making art, your art, as you possibly can…

An Overview of Chinese Art

Among the best features of Chinese art is the way it shows the class structure which has existed in various times throughout the Chinese history. During early times, Chinese art was a way to accept the willpower of God expressed with the help of sacrifices and rituals. Lots of archaic bronze vessels were used for sacrifices for God and spirits.

The 3 Most Effective Ways to Get Your Painting Sessions Started

It’s a fair bet: if you’re reading this, you’re a serious amateur, passionate to become a professional artist. A session plan will get you started…

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