Rembrandt: The Light Behind the Canvas


Painting Realistic Pictures Without Drawing

People who would like to paint realistic pictures are often put off by lack of drawing skills. I describe a method which avoids the frustration of not being able to draw, and gives detailed, step-by-step instructions for painting realistic pictures.

Sanity In A Psyche Ward

A brief look at a huge talent:Yayoi Kusama shows us her path to sanity through art. At 88, she is in the prime of her life and is herself, the ultimate illusion.

Acrylic Water Based Paint Options for Students and Professional Artists

This article will explain to you the different options of Acrylic paint. It covers the qualities of the paints and their end results to help you make an educated choice as to what you choose to start learning to paint with.

Can Colors Really Escape a Painting? A Review of What “Fugitive” Colors Means

Have you ever made a painting or even a colored pencil drawing and saw the colors change over time? This can be frustrating for artists who don’t understand “fugitive” colors and how they can change—sometimes lighter, sometimes darker, sometimes worse! This article briefly reviews the causes and how to read paint tubes to better understand colors that can escape.

Strokes, Swipes and Sweeps: Movement in Contemporary Still Life Paintings

The subject of still life paintings has changed over time, but still life is still an imperative part of contemporary art. And one of the most important aspects of still life paintings is movement. While that may sound counter-intuitive, it is absolutely true.

Short Introduction to Salvador Dali’s Painting “The Persistence of Memory”

Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory is one of his most cherished works from a prolific lifetime. It was painted in 1931 long after he attended art school in Madrid and Barcelona. His early work throughout his education reflects an unusual aptitude for a wide variety of styles.

Where To Show Your Art

Getting exposure for the art works you’ve produced online, with these helpful tips may make all the difference to your art creations. Showcasing your creations online with the right web development.

How to Choose the Best Type of Graco Air Spray for Your Project

For your painting needs, you need not limit your choice to the conventional paint brush or paint roller. These days, a wide selection of paint sprayers are available in the stores. Whether you are a professional contractor or a do-it-yourself project enthusiast, you’d love the advantages that a paint sprayer could offer.

How To Paint Acrylic Abstracts

Thinking Abstractly How to paint abstracts with acrylic paint for beginners and intermediates who love to paint and draw as an outlet for their creative ideas. How to think in abstract terms rather than “seen that, done that” or duplicating other artists.

How To Get a Truly Unique Work of Modern Art for Your Home

If you’re still searching for that one perfect piece of modern art for your home but can’t find it in stores or galleries, consider a more direct route: commission a work yourself. Commissioning a new work from an artist can bring your home’s level of beauty, sophistication and style up to never before seen standards. It’s your own unique work to keep and show off at your discretion.

How To Get the Painting You Want From the Artist You Know

Artists aren’t hard to find anymore. Find an artist whose work you like and reach out. You’ll be glad you did.

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