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The Secrets To Developing Your Own Style

One of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition is by being unique and offering something different. The way artists do this is by developing their own style. Read on for the secrets to developing your own style.

4 Useful Tips For Artists Starting Out

Becoming a successful artist isn’t easy. Not only does it take a lot of time and hard work, it also takes a bit of luck. Here are 4 useful tips for artists starting out.

11 Fascinating Facts About Art

Art is a fascinating and broad subject with many exciting branches and areas. It’s had a colourful history and its future is sure to be just as exciting as its past. Here are 11 fascinating facts about art:

Tips For Painting With Oil-Based Paints

Are you interested in learning how to create beautiful works of art with oil paints? Be sure to check out these tips now!

4 Easy Ways To Get Your Artwork Noticed

Art is a very competitive market. If you want to sell, you have to stand out and get noticed. Here are 4 easy ways to get your artwork noticed.

An Overview Of Oil Paint

Oil paint is one of the three most popular types of paint, along with watercolours and acrylics. This type of paint has been the paint of choice for many artists. Many of the world’s most recognisable works of art, such as Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, Rembrandt’s The Nightwatch and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, are fine examples of oil paintings. Read on for more information about oil paint.

Painting Supplies For Beginners

When you’re just getting started with painting, it can be hard getting supplies together. Why? Because not only are there loads of different supplies, there are loads of different types of each different product. Take a paintbrush, for example. There are loads of varieties and it can be hard deciding which one’s right for you. Read on for the best painting supplies for beginners.

Basic Color Palette of Acrylic Paint

There are many mediums available for an Artist to experiment with but I believe that Acrylic Paint is the best and easiest for beginners. Acrylic dries quickly and wash up in water. If you want to lengthen the time that it takes to dry, you can mix Extenders and Retarders. By extending the drying time of acrylic paint you can blend colors more easily with one another while you are working on an art project. Artists who paint model figures often use Extenders or retarders, Some Artists simply prefer Acrylic paints over other paints, but it takes a little more time to finish the work.

Colour – Why Does It Affect Us?

Colour is something simple and yet profound. Although many have an intuition that a colour they see relates in some way to something of spirit, they do not consciously understand what it represents. To learn about this it helps to consider more about the higher and lower mind. the passions of the lower mind are different from those of the higher mind. It is thought that the former come from self-orientated feelings e.g. self-consciousness, conceit, greed etc: the latter are ethical feelings of care and concern for others and the community. The former can be seen as natural whereas the latter as spiritual. This article introduces the colour theory of Emanuel Swedenborg.

What Makes Paintings Good?

This is one of those big, subjective questions that have no one specific answer. Ask this to 100 people and every person will say something different. That’s one of the most interesting things about art. Here are some ideas as to what makes paintings good.

10 Different Types Of Landscapes

Landscape paintings depict the surface of the Earth. They include an interpretation of the visual features of a particular area of land. There are lots of other different types landscapes, so read on to find out more.

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