Rembrandt van Rijn: A collection of 546 paintings (HD)

Check Out How An Art Gallery Online Helps In Excavating New Talents In The World Of Painting

The various modes of painting a similar object is the aspect that differentiates each style from the other, and helps in maintenance of that style. There are a variety of means that can be used for painting of a piece, yet the magic and reality that oil paintings lend to the picture is truly a unique one.

Know All About Canvas Paintings Before Making An Ideal Purchase!

From time immemorial, whenever people have referred to a painting, or a figure such as this, it has always been certain paintings on canvas. This is primarily because, such paintings were more prevalent compared to any other type of painting.

Why Should One Buy Paintings Online?

In present times, going out and searching for a proper painting to decorate one’s room is a distant dream. With the internet penetrating every inch of one’s world, to buy paintings online is the new strategy.

Paint My Photo Digital Applications Compared With Traditional Handmade Photo to Painting Quality

I needed to research digital painting software to find out how they differ and to make a detailed comparison to the traditional hand-painted method as I was looking for a unique gift for My Mother. I hope my research done here can help others.

Affordable Handmade Canvas Paintings

Paintings have eternally enthralled men in different ways. This ageless form of art speaks volume even without a word inscribed on it. The paintings not only speak about your thoughts or attitude towards life, but reflect your own philosophy in quite an aesthetic way. Oil paintings, water colours, acrylic paintings, digital paintings have always held a special position in the decoration of interiors. Whether it is your home or office, canvas paintings have, added, changed, enhanced and excelled the manifestation of decor. You might happen to think that you do not “understand” art and paintings. Well, there are quite a few factors that can help you understand art like never before once you start recognizing them.

A Review of Oil Painting Brushes: Which Brush Is Best for Oil Painters?

The hairs used for good quality oil painting brushes are stiffer and taper differently than the natural hairs used for watercolor. Where the sables, horse, squirrel, ox, or goat hairs in watercolor brushes tend to be longer in taper and more supple, hairs from hogs, boars, badger, weasel, and mongoose are better for the more heavy bodied oil paints. Let’s take a look at each.

Botticelli – Enduring Artist of the Renaissance Period

The Renaissance produced some of the most prolific artists that are still heralded today as the great standard of talent and execution. One of the most prominent artist’s on this list is Botticelli (1445 – 1510). He encompassed a style of painting that emphasized a pure state-of-mind and a preference for nostalgia that has made him the “especial object of Pre-Raphaelite admiration in the nineteen century… ” 1 However, outside of his own lifetime, Botticelli became the “The Forgotten Florentine”, as his work “suffered centuries of neglect before it was rediscovered by the Victorians.” 2

All About Back-Painted Glass

A Back-painted glass is glass that has been painted on the reverse side. You can paint different types of glasses including casted, laminated and tempered glass.

A Review of Watercolor Brushes: What Type of Watercolor Brush Is Best?

With so many choices available on the market, how can you decide on the best brushes to use for watercolor? First, watercolor is a transparent medium. It goes on in thin layers of color and lets the white paper act as a white light source for your hues. The brushes you use to accomplish this are very important considerations for the artist. This article reviews the best watercolor brushes.

The Subject and the Subtext: Bringing Modern Still Life Paintings to Light

The advancement of modern technology led to the widespread adoption of cameras, which has led to a perceived lack of modern-day inspiration for today’s painters. However, medium is not the source of inspiration-life itself is, and there’s loads of it in every painting. Every captured image tells a story, whether painted or snapped. The secret to a successful piece lies in the subtext.

Our Wellbeing and GDP At Threat – Support to Real Artists and Real Art

In yet another interesting edition of Arts Nation: An Overview of Australian Arts, 2015 Ed., prepared by the Australian Council for the Arts, great insight was presented as to the current state of the industry and the direction forward. The proceeding discusses the results and implications of the current situation from the Australian Council for the Arts findings.

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