Rembrandt’s painting technique demo

Main Kinds of the Kakejiku

Kakejiku are classified according to its use. This post shows the main kinds of the kakejiku.

The Difference Between Contemporary And Modern Paintings

Learn about the similarities and differences between contemporary and modern movements in art. If you’ve ever been confused about the differentiation, here is a good way to look at the two painting concepts.

The Majestic Wall That Says It All

Mural art forms and humans are inseparable. We have always been together since ages. This article is an attempt to reiterate the historical and cultural richness of murals in this era of modernity.

5 Benefits Of Joining A Painting Group

If you’re interested in painting, why not join a painting group? You never know what good can come from it. Here are 5 benefits of joining a painting group:

14 Facts You Never Knew About Paint

Paint is a wonderful substance because it allows people to create wonderful works of art. It has many uses and has enable many to explore their creativity. Here are 14 facts you never knew about paint:

10 Fast Facts About Watercolour Paint

Watercolour paint is very popular with artists because it has many unique properties. Some watercolour techniques can be hard to master, but the result, many would agree, is worth the effort. Here are 10 fast facts about watercolour paint:

Become a Brilliant Creative Artist by Keeping a Sketchbook

Keeping a sketchbook is a fantastic way of keeping track of our creative ideas and drawings. Leonardo Da Vinci made a lot of sketchbooks with hundreds of pages during his life, filled with drawings. So, a sketchbook is like a diary for an artist and is a place where we can draw a lot of fanciful drawings in pages and have fun.

Enroll Your Kid For Creative Art School Holiday Programs

This article intends to inform the readers that the parents should make their kids join professional art classes during their holiday to make them more creative and successful in their daily life as well. By taking these classes, they could come with more innovative ideas and artistic skills.

13 Fast Facts About Acrylic Paint

Acrylics are very popular with artists. They’re easy to master and are very flexible. Here are 13 fast facts about acrylic paint:

5 Things To Know About Underpainting

Underpainting is the act of putting initial layers of paint down before putting more detailed layers on top of them. Using this technique is a great way to add many effects to your painting. here are 5 things to know about underpainting:

4 Benefits Of Painting Landscapes

There’s nothing more I love than painting landscapes. It’s great finding a beautiful scene and capturing it forever in a painting of my own creation. Landscape painting has been popular for many centuries. Here are 4 benefits of painting landscapes:

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