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The Painting Does Not Look Like a Photograph, It Can’t Be Art!

How often have we heard someone dismiss a piece of art because it doesn’t look real, like a photograph? It is almost as if a work of art has to conform to a given set of visual rules before it can be accepted as art in some people’s eyes. It seems that this means of judging art stems from the premise that there is a link between how something is perceived and the skill in which that perception is portrayed on paper, canvas or on board. This article discusses the merits of perception and technical skill in the creation of a work of art.

Painting Beach Scenes in Oils

Painting a beach scene in oils is not difficult. I always start with a very simple sketch, sometimes just the horizon line.

Artist Jean Francois Millet in My Eyes

If Delacroix were a romantic hero, then Millet would be in another type although they were probably in an era. He never admitted that others made the use of “hero” to describe himself and he would rather be a farmer, since the land and painting had a comparable attraction.

Self Portrait of Rembrandt

Among all the portraits of Rembrandt, self portraits play an very important role. The large amount of his self portraits is the most among all the painters in history. According to incomplete statistics, the self portraits of Rembrandt stored in museums all over the world are around 90, 60 of them are oil painting, 20 of them are Copper Etching, 10 are pencil sketch self portrait.

Why Do We Frequently Have To Pay A Lot For Abstract Art Products We Purchase?

Some abstract art products are sold at considerably hefty prices. This article examines some of the justifications for that.

Is There A Difference Between Original Oil Paintings And Poster Prints?

Original oil paintings have a number of advantages over mass produced prints. Oil paintings are original hand painted works of art by the artist. Mass produced prints are stored as a digital image and are then printed on specialized printers.

Painting Water Birds – Still Waters and Reflections of Color – Plein Air

Painting colorful reflections and water birds at the mouth of an estuary-plein air. Using different techniques. Learning to paint quickly before the light changes and ignore the many distractions associated with painting outdoors. Becoming one with nature, as when the mind is still, concentration becomes focused.

Decorative Painting Introduction

There are a variety of decorative paintings. The definition of decorative painting is very broad and abstract, so different people may have different understanding. But in general, it refers to the painting with decorative significance and independent art form. Decorative painting differs from the ordinary pattern and picture in that it has the appreciation and decorative value to meet people’s needs for decoration. Decorative painting is defined in Fine Arts volume of the Encyclopedia as follows: decorative painting is characterized by the focus on appreciation of content, certain exaggeration in the pattern and spatial correlation in color, which generally does not emphasize the true light shadow and perspective in the three-dimensional space.

Tips On Photographing Your Art For The Web

Presentation is everything; especially on the internet where the only impression you can make is what is seen. A poor presentation can make the difference between getting a sale and being accepted into an on-line show. I am not a professional photographer, but I do manage to take credible photos of my work without paying a pro to do it for me. Here are a few tips that might help those of us who are “photo challenged”…

Abstract Art – Step by Step to Creating Abstract Art

Abstract art involves portraying an object differently than its normal form. The artist can exaggerate the object to make its features stand out or to simplify an object to draw attention to it. Abstract art is the artist’s interpretation of the world – a distort in reality.

Beautiful Paintings Created By Spray Paint Art

I took up the hobby of Spray Paint Art this summer and have so far created dozens of unique works of art using this fantastic art form. This article is basically a chart of my progression, my influences and how I hope to proceed. I’ve also thrown in a few tips for other beginners like myself.

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