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Monet’s Haystacks

Monet’s Haystacks series was an important contribution to the French-led impressionist art movement and this article discusses the merits of these paintings and where they fit it into his overall career which stretched across many decades of high achievement. Following on from the success of the Haystacks series, other notable paintings by Monet included the likes of Water-Lilies, Venice Twilight. Bouquet Of Sunflowers. The Japanese Bridge. Impression Sunrise. Monet’s Garden at Argentueil. The Water Lily Pond and Poplars On The Epte.

A Recent Art Adventure

It is amazing some of the things that can be found on the internet even if you have no desire to find it. An example is art. I encountered a rather unusual art experience recently and would like to take a few moments to relate this unusual occurrence to others. This is a typical development which clearly reveals an appreciation of art to allow me to critically analyze and interpret various works of art. I was logged into the popular social network, Facebook when I noticed that one of my friends from Spain was using an image of an art work for her personal picture.

Be a Creative Monk – Know Your Priorities

Painting is a solitary activity. You are really a monk of creativity. Actually there are some similarities in being a monk and an artist. You’re in a spiritual profession, because painting is a spiritual activity as well as a solitary one.

The Paintings Of A Wildlife Artist and A Watercolourist

When one speaks of paintings as an investment, two artists names often spring to mind, David Shepherd and Sir William Russell Flint. These artists are from quite different eras as seen in their work. Both artists have created paintings that hold a social message. This is usually the case with most artists from both the past and present.

Monet’s Bridge

Claude Monet painted many bridges within his long impressionist career, with the Japanese Bridge in his own Giverny garden being the most famous. This article brings you all the famous works by Monet on this topic and goes into more detail about the artist plus the different works that he created. Monet is well known for building his own customised garden besides his house in Giverny as he sought a suitable location for painting which was as accessible and beautiful as possible so that he could continue his artistic experiments as easily as possible. Monet wanted somewhere that he could capture the same natural objects at different times of the day, in different seasons and from a variety of angles. Once his garden was ready he added the Japanese Bridge to complete the look.

Monet’s Sunset

Monet sunset paintings were highly common and exceptionally skilled. There were several truly memorable paintings such as Sunset in Venice, Impression Sunrise, Houses of Parliament, Sunset on the Seine and Waterlilies at Sunset. Artist Monet is remembered most for his bold and carefully selected colour balances that were always aided by topics that included a sunset or sunrise as this offered an excellent opportunity to include his much loved tones of reds, yellows and oranges alongside the purples and blues which normally made up his complex and energetic sky scenes.

Hans Holbein

Hans Holbein the Younger was a famous German artist who followed on from his father into the art world. Holbein became respected as an exceptional portrait painter who produced honest depictions of key members of the English Monarchy around the time of the reign of Henry VIII which is also amongst the most studied periods in English history. Holbein had quickly developed a reputation as a skilled portrait painter and was quickly introduced to the then King with a view to creating a portrait which was to become just one of a series of this high profile head of state. This success enabled the painter to receive many more commissioned works from those within the circle of this King who also wanted their lives captured in oil for future generations to enjoy.

Pieter Bruegel

Pieter Bruegel the Elder was a Dutch artist who laid the foundations for his son, Pieter the Younger to follow on after his death. Most academics find the Elder to have been the more accomplished painter who had a high level of creativity which was missing to a certain degree in the career of his son who to a certain degree traveled on the back of his father’s artistic achievements. Both artists had a consistency in producing detailed landscape paintings which have proved very popular and were particularly original at the time of their careers when landscape scenes in art were not respected by academics in the same way that portraits and religious depictions had been.

Matisse’s The Dance

Matisse’s The Dance and Dance I are two important paintings from the career of this famous French modernist artist who was best remembered for the bright colours used in many of his paintings. The two works are very similar with Dance I being a preparation painting for the second version which followed just a year later in 1910. Both depict dancing characters in an uplifting friendship which was a highly unusual topic for any artist at this time.

Reborn Dolls – Helpful Tips

Creating Reborn Dolls, is a very addictive absorbing hobby, where you can bring vinyl doll pieces to life. I would like to share some valuable information with you and show you some different Reborns. You may like to know how I first became interested in reborning, and you also may pick up some very helpful tips if you are interested in either owning a reborn, or making one yourself. Welcome to the wonderful world of Reborning!

Acrylic Flower Paintings

If you are looking to buy an acrylic flower painting consider buying a print. There are several factors you need to know before you buy one. This will ensure that you get the highest quality possible.

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