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The Terrace by a Delft Artist

There is a lovely scene of a young lady and her gentleman friend on the terrace of there home by a Delft Artist. The name of the painting is “The Terrace” which hangs in the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Resurrection by Francesco Buoneri, Called Cecco Caravaggio

In the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago hangs the painting “The Resurrection” by Francesco Buoneri, called Cecco Caravaggio. The scene is of course Christ at His resurrection from the grave with a commotion that startles the guards.

Italian Landscape With Travelers by Jan Both

In the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago is a very fine landscape painting by the Dutch artist Jan Both. The title of the painting is “Italian Landscape with Travelers”.

How To Understand Painting As A Fine Art

Few things in all of the Humanities have a more glorious history than that of painting. There are different ways that painting can be approached, however, for the limited space here I will focus on Western painting since the Renaissance.

Brushstrokes in Motion – An Interview with Golnaz Fathi, Iranian Artist

Golnaz Fathi’s work is characterized by the combination of energetic smatterings of colored paint with brushstrokes of obscure script. She has been exhibited internationally and to wide acclaim. On the occasion of Ms. Fathi’s second solo exhibition in the UK, The Majalla speaks to the Iranian artist about her life in Tehran, the development of her work as an artist and the message she hopes to send to her viewers.

View of Pirna With the Fortress of Sonnenstein by Bernardo Bellotto

In the galleries of the Art Institute of Chicago is the painting “View of Pirna with the Fortress of Sonnenstein” by Bernoardo Bellotto. This wonderful cityscape offers us a scene of life in 18th Century Italy.

Fairy Fantasy Art – Fairy Types for Your Art

Fairies come in many guises.  While fairies in fairy fantasy art do not have to adhere to any specific style or myth it is a good idea to research your fairies before you start.  This not only gives you a good idea of the fairy types but also is a great source for inspiration.

Dark Fantasy Art – How to Build Layers of Feeling in Your Art

Dark fantasy art, a sub genre of fantasy art is becoming more popular in all its forms. There are many amazing artists out there. Their artwork is out of this world.

Acrylic Painting Techniques – Layering, Wet-On-Wet And Blending

Painting with acrylics is exciting. You can create your landscape and your portrait painting projects using thin to thick coatings to accomplish an exacting texture. As an artist do you like to use a mix of acrylic painting techniques?

Professional Brushes – A Successful Key Secret

Professional brushes are a key secret for successful artwork. Your artwork will look very refined and produce a finished work of art. Who would want a canvas with misplaced hair strands, unwanted scratches, uneven paint layers and other defects?

Mediterranean Oil Painting – A Pleasure for the Eye

Theme and color are the two most important elements for Mediterranean Oil Paintings. Therefore, having a general concept of Mediterranean Style, you can easily understand why Mediterranean Oil Painting is a pleasure for the eye.

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