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Five Famous Landscape Paintings By Constable

An overview of some of John Constable’s most famous landscape paintings. These five paintings are among Constable’s most famous and influential works and continue to inspire artists to this day.

5 Tips To Improve Your Confidence With Painting

This article offers a few simple ways you can build your confidence with painting. These include speaking with other artists, learning to separate painting from money, planning and learning to overcome obstacles.

Team Building Activities Is an Art

Today in this modern world we are all witnesses of the substantial development that is taking place all around us. And this development is not just occurring in one particular or one precise zone, it is happening everywhere.

I Started Painting This Seascape Forty-Four Years Ago

I still put up to 100 hours per year into a single seascape I began in 1970. This may sound bizarre but it feels like this one canvas has helped to get me through some tough times.

Your Career in Art – Which Subject Is the Best?

Gallery directors may suggest a change from the subjects you prefer to paint. Usually, they know best, because they know their buyers but…

Marketing Your Artwork Through The Power Of Pinterest

Harness the social media website Pinterest to help promote your artwork.Learn the basics of how to get started by creating interesting content.

Your Career in Art – Which Medium Is the Best?

The medium you choose defines you in the view of gallery directors and art collectors. It can make or break your chance to succeed.

Artists, Paintings and Bamburgh

An Image, they say, is more expressive and impressive than words. A picture has more to tell, rather everything to tell, as words may miss out many details of a place or a situation, and it has a long lasting impression on hearts and minds. Artists are the most sensitive people in our society.

The Definitive Guide From Photo to Painting

Photo to painting is not a recent practice. It has been in existence since the early 20th century when most world leaders and other prominent upper-class figures commissioned artists to paint their photos on canvas. The practice has gained popularity in recent times as a novel or trendy way of preserving family portraits and photos of children, pets, and houses in a classic style.

Your Career in Art – Show and Sell

Being professional means getting paid for what you do. If no one sees your artwork, it can’t earn you an income. How will you get your art shown?

5 Tips on How to Sell Your Art Online

Here are five tips to help you successfully sell your art online. With a good understanding of these five bits of wisdom, hopefully you will be successfully selling your art online.

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