The Art Of Painting Random Things

How to Create Modern Abstract Paintings? A Quick Guide

Modern abstract art painting is more about interpretation than about painting; it is more about imagination than about scenery; it is more about thoughts and emotions than about patterns and designs. If you take a look at some random modern abstract artworks, you may feel that the artist has simply rolled over his brush without any forethought or any vision in his mind. However, the truth is that an abstract painting requires sagacity and vision of a completely different kind.

How to Decorate Your Living Room Walls by Amazing Oil Paintings

Contemporary canvas art can be intelligently teamed with your décor and furniture to add life to your dull and bland rooms. Bare walls may wear a boring look. Instead, the right kind of painting or art piece can really make things look urbane, inspiring, visually appealing and even morale-boosting.

Select the Perfect Painting for Your Home

You should definitely want to know how you can make your home interiors look better. There are 4 aspects which influence the paintings you should select to decorate your home interiors. These 4 factors are the artist, your house, the style and the price.

Basics About Canvas Used For Painting

Painting is one of the beautiful forms of art and many consider this as a way to reach to their soul and believe that it brings out their emotions. When a person is really deep in thoughts and are finding means to expose it, they practice many forms of art like music, dance, writing, painting etc.

Many New Artists Believe Painting on Linen Is Only for the Old Masters

In today’s world, cheap, quick and easy are bywords. Painting on Linen is seen as too costly and difficult. Find out why you should consider it.

Design Ideas for a Custom Painted Roller Derby Helmet

If you are looking to create a custom painted derby helmet, here are some ideas to help you out. Because of the vast number of derby helmets out there, a custom paint or design job will make you stand out from the rest of the players in the field.

How to Create Modern Art Paintings – Tips and Ideas for Art Painting

If you think you have the talent and enthusiasm to become a pro artist, you should go ahead with it. However, do remember that talent alone won’t take you anywhere unless you can imbibe discipline into your routine and pledge to improvise over your flaws.

Tips For A Professional Canvas Side Finish

Canvas painting is such a beautiful way to portray your artwork, as it will look very professional and stunning. Even if you are a beginner with a very basic knowledge about painting, you can start making use of watercolors, or acrylic paints rather than jumping over to an oil paint that is used by expert painters. Whatever kind of paint you use, when the edges or sides of the canvas aren’t finished properly, it may look great from the front view, but not from its side view.

Rembrandt Van Rijn, the Artist and the Man

Rembrandt was a 17th century painter and etcher whose work came to dominate what has since been named the Dutch Golden Age. One of the most revered artists of all time, Rembrandt’s greatest creative triumphs can be seen in his portraits of his contemporaries, illustrations of biblical scenes and self-portraits as well as his innovative etchings and use of shadow and light.

7 Worst Mistakes New Artists Can Make in the Vital First Gallery Interview

If you want your art seen and you want it sold, your best bet is a private gallery on the high street. Today, you can start preparing for…

How to Capture and Store Your Inspirations for Future Paintings

Those ‘flashes’ of inspiration come in an instant but go just as fast unless you grab hold of them. Here’s the easy way to do it…

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