The Basics of Oil Painting

There Isn’t Any Good Art in Oxnard California She Said – Oh Nonsense I Told Her

A few months back I was in Ventura, California on Main Street checking out the art, antiques, gift shops and cool thrift stores. I was also admiring the Art Walk in the downtown area while I was there, and strolled through several very cool galleries. I was impressed with what I saw and realized I didn’t get to see it all on that trip, so I decided I’d schedule another soon. I did find one thing rather peculiar, a lady asked me where I was from and I noted in the Channel Islands area. She said; “oh, you mean Oxnard?”

Brian Kielt: Ashes To Ashes

Brian Kielt is a Visual Artist living and working in Northern Ireland with painting, drawing and photography. Brian creates artworks in oil, charcoal, pencil, pastels, photography and mixed media often exploring the fragility of being human.

Art and Seredipity

A study of the painting ‘Las Meninas’ by Velazquez. How its final appearance was influenced by an historical event.

Tips on Coloring With Copic Markers

Copic markers are markers used by professional artists to draw and sketch on different surfaces. This article is to tell you about the uses and the way to refill the ink for these copic markers.

Abstract Art: What Is It And How To Recognize It?

The safest bet is: if you can’t tell what it is at the very first glance, chances are it’s abstract art! And if, on a second glance, you hear a sweet, devilish voice somewhere deep inside telling you that you could easily make such a painting yourself – be sure it’s abstract, no doubt. But, things are not as simple as that. What looks so simple and easy to do from the observer’s point of view might be tricky to accomplish when you find yourself in front of an empty canvass. It’s not just about shapes or colors, it’s also about conveying a meaning, a message, a flow of energy, even if it’s only a matter of atmosphere that the painting will provide for somebody’s living room. Looking at it from another angle, there’s no such ice-breaker like art. If you know your art, or better yet – if you know how to talk art – you’re golden at fancy cocktail parties!

Introduction of Oil Painting The Joy of Life

The Joy Of Life was painted by Matisse between 1905 and 1906. It measured 174*238 cm, which was collected in Merino Barnes Foundation in Pennsylvania, USA. The Joy Of Life was the most important work in Matisse’s long art career. This painting was able to show the characteristics of Fauvism than his other works.

What to Name Your Paintings

One thing that artists like to do is to name their best drawings and paintings. In a way this helps them psychologically take ownership in their work, and it is also a sense of pride, a calling out internally to the external world; look at what I created. In the process of naming a recently created work the artist is saying to themselves, this is good, it’s worthy and it ought to have a name. They are proud of what they have done, and generally speaking if they name it, and believe it to be that level of quality, it usually is. After all, the artist is always their own harshest critic.

Renoir – The Impressionist Who Loved Life

French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir was one of the pathfinders of Impressionism – a technique that uses brisk brushstrokes in pure color to capture the momentary effect of light on the subject. Renoir enjoyed life, painted only when he was happy and had a loyal band of friends. Unfazed by artistic struggles and a crippling accident, he went on to create masterpieces like Luncheon of the Boating Party, The Umbrellas, The Swing and The Theater Box. Renoir passed away in 1919. His paintings now sell for millions of dollars and are exhibited in some of the most prestigious art museums of the world.

Appreciation to Oil Painting – The Artist’s Studio

Compared this painting with A Burial at Ornans, we can clearly see the benefits that Courbet got out from the reality of bondage and invested himself in this warmth. The characters were portrayed too clear and seemed to be independent, only relying on the strong atmosphere of independence to get the whole painting of unity as a whole.

Become An Artist’s Model – Get Paid For Getting a Tan – You Wish

Well, having become involved with a local artists group in the Channel Islands Area, I realized that my pre-conceived notions about the lives of artists was totally misguided. Perhaps you too have some false visions as to how the art world works. If so, maybe I can assist you in setting the record straight. First, there are many types of artists. Some paint landscapes, buildings, and nature, others specialize in people, animals, and life art. Still, others make a living painting cars, airplanes, trains and other such things.

How to Break Out of a Creative Rut

All artists get into a rut at times. Boring work and lack of motivation creep up on the best of us. This is how I try to break out of the art rut.

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