The MOST REALISTIC Donut painting

How to Store And Clean Art Brushes So That They Last For Years

Quality art brushes can get expensive, but they are worth the investment because you will actually paint better with better brushes. You can increase your return on that investment by taking good care of your brushes and always cleaning them thoroughly. This article explains the best ways to do this.

Artist’s Color Reference: Understanding Black and White

When you are painting, you should never use pure black or white. This article explains why and how to see blacks, grays, and whites so that you are able to capture them accurately in your art.

How Does Fine Art America Help Artists Sell Their Work Online?

The demand for artworks has increased in recent times with the general populace becoming more and more art-savvy. In urban homes of today, it is quite common to discover canvas art, vintage paintings and candid photographs shot by lesser known artists.

History and Analysis of Van Gogh’s Sunflower Repetitions (January, 1889)

Although it is debated as to when exactly Van Gogh painted the sunflower repetitions (analysis varies from early December of 1888, all the way to his time spent at the Saint-Remy in the summer of 1889) these reproductions retained and arguably enhanced the initial intensity of the first sunflower series. Perhaps more famous than the original paintings, with the sunflower repetitions Van Gogh enhances his ‘yellow on yellow’ or ‘light on light’ color scheme utilized in the original sunflower paintings.

How Beginner Artists Can Use the Magic Trick of Seeing in Colour

Like every other animal, we humans see, not with our eyes but with our brain. Scientists prove it with demonstrations showing how colour doesn’t exist outside of the brain…

How to Use Scarcity To Increase Your Art Sales

Are you an artist looking for new ways to promote your art and make more sales? This article offers a few suggestions for ways that self-promoting artists can use scarcity techniques to both increase sales as well as bring up the value of their work.

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers: History and Analysis of the First Sunflower Series (August, 1888)

More than 125 years after the completion of these four paintings, Van Gogh’s original Sunflower series continues to surprise and enchant us. Painted in roughly one week at the end of August 1888, Van Gogh’s first series of sunflower paintings were intended as inspirational and decorative pieces for his “yellow house” in Arles, France. In preparation for painter Paul Gauguin’s arrival later in the year, Van Gogh wanted his house and his paintings to reflect the extra-luminous, mysterious color palette he found in the surrounding countryside of Arles and the Mediterranean Sea.

Canvas Art Paintings Vs Metal Wall Art – What Are Major Differences?

Metal art painting is quite different from canvas art, though the basic things are more or less the same. There are different challenges posed by each form and they require completely different set of approaches.

Get the Beauty, Color and Details of an Original Fine Art Painting With a High Quality Giclee

Can a lover of fine art ever own an original work of art by a famous artist that is within his or her budget or affordability? The answer may be “Yes!” New methods in fine art media now make the impossible possible. Read on to find out what a high quality giclee is, what the art world thinks of it and what it can offer you.

Human Figure Paintings: All to Know About Human Art Paintings

The use of human in art paintings as the prime subject has been in vogue since centuries. Human figure paintings are not easy to make and they require some serious skills.

The Popularity of Body and Face Painting

It seems as though you cannot go to any child’s birthday party or gathering without there being somebody there that is offering their services as a face painter. Face painting is becoming more and more popular with parents who are looking to do something a little bit different for their child and their guests at parties. Not only that, but face and body painting has become an art form in its own right, and many photographers, models and artists are beginning to make use of body art in their works.

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