The quick story of the Dutch painter Rembrandt

4 Tips For Beginner Painters

Painting is a wonderful pastime and is a great way to exercise your creativity. It’s true that anyone can paint – all you have to do is get some supplies and get going, but there are a few things beginners can do to get a head start with painting.

Key Holder Using Tissues

Here is an easy way to make a unique key holder using the most stylish and easily available tissue napkins. All you would need is a board, tissues, some fevicol, colors and that’s all.

Artists: An Imaginative Persona In Mankind

The world of art has always been a matter of interest for artisans, non- artists and even for those who have no idea about what art is or a liking for the same. Art has not only been a form of expression, but a way of life for many. There are artists who have submitted their entire lives to art, breaking free from shackles of worldly responsibilities and tangible aspects of life.

How Portrait Painters Paint You

Artists all create their paintings in their own way. Of course, there are some fundamentals to be aware of when commissioning a portrait. Read about some of the staples of portrait paintings.

3 Types Of Watercolour Washes

Learning how to use washes is an important part of mastering watercolour painting. A wash is usually used whenever you want to cover a large part of your canvas with paint. There are three main types of wash that will help you get better at watercolour painting: the flat wash, wet-in-wet and the graded wash.

3 Things You Can Do Instead Of Renting Studio Space

While renting a studio can give you a work space away from home, it can also be quite expensive. About a third of UK artists don’t put money towards renting a studio and about a seventh of those who do are planning on quitting renting studio space to save money. Here are 3 things you can do instead of renting studio space:

The Mystery in Paintings

The mystery is one of the important elements in many of the paintings. The artists use various techniques to embrace mystery in the paintings. It is obvious that the mystery is one of the most important artistic merits of the paintings.

Art Appreciation: Definition of Art

If you need a definition of the word “art” for a class in art appreciation, a paper, book or speech, don’t get bogged down with philosophic ideas about the “meaning” of art. Art is a real thing, an aesthetic or significant object, from abstract art to wall art decor that can be seen and touched. It is also the act of creating art, such as sculpting, and the field of practice, such as watercolor paintings, that produces artworks meant to communicate ideas or emotions to viewers.

French Impressionism

Emerged in France in 1874, impressionism was an art movement that began to explore, jointly, the intensity of colors and the sensitivity of the artist. The name “Impressionism” was given after the pejorative statement of French art critic Louis Leroy to view screen “Impression du Soleil Levant” by Monet, one of the leading artists of the movement.

Plein Air Painting: A History

Plein air painting simply refers to the act of painting outdoors. Artists have long ventured outdoors to paint, but it’s only in the last two centuries that this type of painting has really taken off. Here’s a brief overview of the history of plein air painting.

Painting With Innate Passion: All Artist’s Are Born, Not Made

Painting is a form of expression which involves the use of paint brushes to create an image on a canvass. An artist has the option of choosing which paints to use; the most popular though are watercolors and oil paints.

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