Turning a PUMPKIN into a GLOWING SKETCH (Halloween Special)!

How to Get an Agent for Illustrators

Aspiring digital illustrators who want to make it big in the industry will need to go through a lot of challenges, first. There never is an easy career for anyone. Having the talent and the knack for illustrating is not just enough. Constant practice and honing skills are also important but will not give you instant success.

How to Paint More Effectively and Efficiently With Different Brushes

A war is fought with arms and ammunition. Consider canvas as a battle field and the paint brush as ammunition. Like there are different ammunition in the armory, a painter has different types of brushes at its disposal. Each type of ammunition has a different purpose in a battleground and likewise every paint brush is used for a particular purpose. Having knowledge of different paint brushes which are available for painting is important.

Piet Mondrian – An Artist, Thinker and Believer

This article is about artist Piet Mondrian, who is an Artist, Thinker and Believer. Piet Mondrian was a great contributor to the modern Dutch movement.

The Life and Works of Caravaggio

This article is about the life and works of Caravaggio. Caravaggio is one of the greatest artist in recent history.

Life and Painting of Marc Chagall

This article is about Marc Chagall’s life and achievement in arts. He is today regarded as one of the greatest artistic works pioneer across the globe.

Michelangelo’s Career in Focus – Famous Sculptures, Frescos and Architecture

Michelangelo gave the art world so much during the Renaissance period which started off in Italy and slowly spread across the rest of the world. His ability spread all across different disciplines and this article examines several of the areas in which Michelangelo was successful. There is also discussion of the role of this artist within the overall progression of the Italian Renaissance too, alongside other greats such as Leonardo da Vinci. Key works from Michelangelo are addressed within this article, including the likes of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling, The Last Judgement, David and Pieta. Aside from these are then further works in fields such as poetry and architecture which are also key parts of his overall career.

The Fun Activities of Face and Body Painting

One of the most popular trends or activities for gatherings where kids will be present is face painting. From work parties to birthday parties and carnivals you can usually find a face-painting booth present. Not to be left out of the trend, body painting has become equally popular in a number of areas for adults.

Caravaggio: Baroque Master of Light and Shade

This article is about a Baroque Master called Caravaggio. It talks about his style of painting which led to followers like Rembrandt.

Changing Your Office Space With Some Vibrant Paint Colours

You and your team spend a lot of hours in the office on a daily basis. In fact, you may feel as though you spend more time there than at your own home yet the walls are drab and boring. What would your staff think if they walked in on Monday morning to a brightly coloured, refreshing office space?

Improving Your Palette Knife Painting Techniques – Learning By Experiencing

The article outlines the various ways in which you can improve your palette knife painting techniques. you can learn a lot by visiting museums and even studying painting bought inexpensively at art auctions.

What Are Drawing Pencils?

There are pencils and there are pencils. Each one has its own unique use that if utilized properly can serve its original purpose the best. For instance, kids use pencils that they can grasp with tiny hands until they are able to master pen control.

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