What to Draw When You’re Bored! 8 IDEAS

Top 15 Crafts You Can Do With Popsicle/Ice-Cream Sticks

Its summer time beat the heat and keeps your kids busy with Popsicle DIY crafts. Here, I am listing top 15 ideas that make them happy, and they could also use those creations for various purposes. People of all ages could try it out and have a great fun. These crafts not only make them happy, but also a great stress relief buster.

Painting a Dog Portrait From a Photo

Painting a dog portrait from a photo is the preferred method of portraying the personality of a favorite pet. Their never-ending reserves of energy make it nearly impossible to paint them without one. A camera is also able to capture every nuance of a dog’s expression and playful antics, which can then be transferred to your canvas.

5 Famous Dog Paintings

Art can be described in many ways. It can be good or bad. It can be modern, post-modern or classical. Art can even be described as inspirational. Despite the many ways there are to describe it, there is no true way to define it. Nevertheless, artists continue to express themselves through their pieces. Some will paint beautiful landscapes and water under the moonlight. Others will create abstract works of art that tell complex stories. Oddly enough, dog portrait artists can fit in both categories. Countless artists have utilized the canine essence in their work. While they have that much in common, each piece attempts to reveal something different about the world.

Garrowby Hill by David Hockney

This article looks in detail at the stunning landscape painting, Garrowby Hill, and also discusses it’s creator, David Hockney. Garrowby Hill is a location in rural Yorkshire, UK and it an excellent choice by the artist for this piece.

Tips on Choosing House Paint Colors

There are many important factors to consider while picking on paint colors for the house. There are quite a number of great ways to choose from while selecting them to apply on the walls of the house. One key factor is to be knowledgeable of and familiar with the pattern of changes in colors.

The Most Brilliant Master Ever – Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was a person of great and varied learning. He was a master of fine art, music, mathematic and writing. He used his talent to set a perfect example for the Renaissance humanist ideal. He kept intense curiosity towards all the new things and therefore he was marked as the model of Renaissance. Leonardo was so genius that no one could compete with him at all aspects and at all times.

Art, Is It Really True That Nothing Is New Under the Sun?

So I’ve heard it said, that nothing is new under the Sun. It’s all been done before. People are just rediscovering what we as a humans have previous done and doing it again unknowingly. Now I find that hard to believe.

5 Practical Tips on Oil Painting the Easy Way

This article gives 5 practical and easy tips on oil painting especially for the beginner. It explains the use and cleaning of brushes, use of colors and how to arrange the colors on the palette for ease of color application.

Abstract Art Is Great for Beginners – Part 3

Part 3 compares preparatory drawings with a finished painting. It describes how the end result can become very different from original plans – showing how initial sketches and the final piece of artwork each have lives of their own.

Artistic Offerings by Senior Citizens

Many senior citizens use their retirement to take up new interests, new hobbies, even new sports. Many take up painting!

Holiday Window Painting – Make It a Perennial Money Maker

Perhaps you have seen the holiday window paintings during the Christmas and holiday retail season on the store fronts of merchants and big box stores? As you know those paintings do not paint themselves. Currently there are no robotic holiday window painting machines, in the future there may be, but right now I haven’t seen one yet, probably because it is a seasonal gig, and because each and every store front is slightly different. No, this is not an impossible challenge for the robotic engineers, but it is a stickler for those who might operate these machines, or purchase them in hopes to get a decent ROI (return on investment).

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