Why This Is Rembrandt’s Masterpiece

5 Things Every New Collector Needs to Know

Art collecting can be called an art onto itself, and I should say there is no right way to buy art! Art is a personal thing and you should always buy what you fall in love with or what excites you. Yes, there are many styles, names, trends and some art goes up faster than others.

How to Keep Your Oil Painting Brushes in Great Shape

Better quality artist’s brushes will last a long time if cared for properly. This article discusses some of the best ways to care for your good oil painting brushes.

Benefits of Using Oil Paints

Oil paints are a favorite painting medium for a variety of reasons. They help to create a painting with greater realism, and it is possible to include stunning effects of color and lights.

Fascinating World of Pigments and Paints

Paints have been present since ancient times but they began to be commonly used only since the nineteenth century. Today, paints not only lend color to several applications but also offer protection to surfaces on which they are used.

An Artist’s Guide. Analysis of Sir Joshua Reynolds Third Discourse

This is the third discourse presented by Sir Joshua Reynolds to the Royal Academy of Art in London on December the 14th 1770. He opens with a brief synopsis of his previous two lectures by saying that an aspiring painter must master the rudiments of his or her art by learning to draw, compose and colour his work…

Penny-Pinching Artist – How to Save on Materials and Create Your Own

When money is tight, you can create your own painting surfaces using some ingenuity and low-cost materials, plus a few unorthodox approaches. Make the most out of what you can afford to buy and keep yourself painting, even in difficult times.

Painting Outdoors or In the Studio

Visiting my uncle’s graphic arts studio I got my first experience with painting. Watercolor is a wonderful mean for painting outdoors. You can get remarkable achievements painting with watercolor.

Mixed Up Mediums: A Review of Oil Painting Mediums With Some Basic Tips

This article reviews some of the more popular oil painting mediums, their purpose, and some tips on how to use them. Ever wonder why a medium is important? What a medium helps accomplish in oil painting? Can you make your own? This article should help!

Why You Should Buy Original Art Online

There are many ways that a person can purchase original artworks. Original arts are quite costly. This is the reason why a person should be careful not to purchase counterfeit arts.

The Joy of Painting Pictures

When first starting to paint on a canvas it was a total new experience for me. My first baby was just a few weeks old and while walking with him past a shop it was fun to go in and explore the paints and things on display. Something inside was pushing me to buy some and have a go.

How to Solve 7 Major Problems An Artist Faces

Here are some of the problems that visual artist may experience when it comes to nurturing their creative business. From inadequate art marketing, non-supportive friends and family, lack of art pricing experience, and the most commonly not knowing what to create! Unfortunately, all of these issues can lead to severe stress, discouragement and psychological hindrance. However, it is by learning to overcome these issues that make us grow and expand as successful creatives.

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