Why You Should Start Painting

Tales From an Art Gallery

Marketing art is a constant challenge for artists. These are my amusing experiences with a traditional gallery.

Art and Culture in South America – And the World

It tells a story; it represents a culture; and it moves people. These characterize art as a universal form of expression. Tracing its origins in the earliest times, arts capture the collective experiences of a group of people who lived a distinct way of life. Because of this relationship, art and culture are closely knit not only in the study of the humanities but also in the appreciation of the creative feats of humankind. Get acquainted with art and culture across the globe below.

How to Keep Safe While Painting

Basic precautions for artists can reduce health risks from paints and solvents. Is there a link to artists getting diseases like Parkinson’s? It may be best to change a few bad habits.

Keep Up With Latest Art News and TV News Via Internet

The entertainment and communications industry is a buzz for the latest art news and TV news. There is so much to report and follow within this huge multimedia enterprise. Keeping up with these news can be challenging especially if you rely on conventional methods to access such news.

Teaching Kid’s Painting Classes

From the time children are old enough to hold a writing instrument in their hands they are trying to create pictures. You do not have to be a college educated art instructor to volunteer to teach kid’s painting classes at the local library, or the community center in your town. You will not need many supplies and the reward you will receive will be absolutely priceless.

What to Expect From Kid’s Painting Classes

Kid’s painting classes will provide your child with an understanding of the basic vocabulary that is used in the art world. They should also learn some of the styles of painting that the various artists have used. Many of the kid’s painting classes will teach the children the styles of artists by having them make replicas of some of the most famous works of art.

So You Want to Sell Fine Art At An Exhibition or Gallery Or Do You Want To Play Patty-Cake?

Should local art groups have painting activities when doing Art Walk Promotions? This is a question which has recently been brought up at a local art association I’ve become involved with. Specifically, there would be local artists displaying their art, some of it marked at very high prices. Folks would meander through the nicely redone downtown area viewing all the different venues from all the different artists.

Is Your Comfort Zone Holding You Back – If You Are an Artist It Sure the Hell Is

We are all a victim of our comfort zones, me included, well maybe not me. In fact, I recently decided to completely move out of my comfort zone and do something out of character. Why? Well, I was inspired by a 98 year old woman I know who recently went skydiving – that’s right skydiving. Amazing yes, totally! No, I didn’t do anything as spectacular as jumping out of a perfectly good airplane as I approached the grand age of 100, but when I am a hundred years old – hell, maybe I will just to prove to myself I can do it.

American Artist Barnett Newman

Discover the career of American painter and sculptor, Barnett Newman. Includes detail on his abstract style.

How to Choose the Appropriate Fine Art Lighting

Good lighting is the main ingredient to a successful, eye-catching display of fine arts. The right lighting system can help an artist in developing an atmosphere of a great fine arts and crafts gallery. Not only will this lure gallery owners and individual buyers in to your trade booth which is the initial step towards making a sale.

Abstract Painting Ideas

One of the key mistakes made with painting abstract imagery is to try to represent something literal and to rely on technique alone. While you still create a type of art this way, it is not abstract. I will go into a few ideas here on how to approach abstract painting.

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