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Point Man For The Renaissance: Massaccio

Masaccio was a painter of the early Renaissance who pioneered the break from the one-dimensional art of the Middle Ages. While Christian in content, his art contained elements of humanism that came to full-flower in the High Renaissance.

Aristotle In Art: Cimabue

The Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453 triggered the spread of Aristotlean philosophy from Asia as Orthodox Christians fled westward. This was reflected in the painting of Cimabue, who broke from the influence of Platonic other-worldliness that dominated the medieval era.

Block Mounting – A Great Way to Keep Your Precious Photos and Memorabilia Forever

A photograph captures a great moment like nothing else. Photos help you to remember all the emotions and all the people around you, long after that special moment has settled into nostalgia.

Russell Flint

Russell Flint was a very successful Scottish artist who contributed a great deal to art in his long career which began when he was around the age of 14 till he died aged 89 years in 1969. His father, Francis Wighton Flint also happened to be a professional artist and designer as well.

Famous Galleries and Museums With Michelangelo Artwork

Finding the original paintings and sculptures of Michelangelo is not always as easy as some believe. This article aims to help art fans to locate and enjoy this master’s finest sculptures, paintings and drawings. There is information on several famous museums and galleries, which his work continues to draw great attention.

Authorship and Invisible Talent

How much control so we have over our talent and skill when it comes to painting. Does this question contribute to the question of authorship?

The Last Word on Valuation of Art in Dollars and Sense

You may be shocked to learn the name of the artist whose work headed the list of top ten prices at Sotheby’s in New York last year. Norman Rockwell’s painting titled ‘Saying Grace’ brought 46.8 million dollars…

The Impact Of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Artwork

This article talks about the life of Jean-Michel Basquiat. It discusses the impact of his work and how he influenced other artists.

Can Serious Art Be Made by Sane and Happy Artists?

The secret to making serious Art, yet staying sane and happy in your Art is the same as in Life itself. You’ll find the way that best suits you in these 5 suggestions.

Profile and Palette

In his school days, Mughees had this practice of making different scenes on his answer sheets after solving question papers well before time. These scenes were often of children flying kites or playing in a garden or field. This was the time form him to fall in love with landscape-painting which he later adopted as a passion and profession.

Fantasy and Fascinations

Landscape painting has constantly been a romance in the vast green plains of the Punjab. The panorama and the crisp light, that keeps on changing with every passing minute, has always spellbound the onlooker, to a degree, of mesmerism. Today we can find various styles and techniques in this genre owing to different approaches of the practitioners.

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